Stress is an unavoidable part of life. However, at times stress can be overwhelming as we work to juggle the demands of work and family. Stress can have an adverse effect on health.

Sacramento Therapist - Kathleen Oravec, LMFT - Stress & Anger Management

Interesting facts about stress and health:

  • It is estimated that 75-90 percent of all doctor’s office visits are due to stress-related ailments and disorders
  • Chronic acute stress can lead to elevated cortisol and suppressed serotonin which in turn lead to illness and psychosocial disorders
  • Stress can affect the onset, progression, and recovery from disease

Additionally, stress has been linked to:

  • breakdown in the immune system
  • diabetes
  • cancer
  • cardiovascular disease
  • alcohol and substance abuse

“Because of the potentially devastating health effects associated with stress, it’s important to get help before stress patterns become chronic and entrenched.”

Anger Management

Reacting to life’s stressors through inappropriate anger and aggression can be a sign that you need to step up your stress management skills.

If living with stress and anger have become a lifestyle, you may not only be risking your self-esteem and relationships with loved ones, you may be headed for health problems. It’s a good idea to take action before you’re hit with too many adverse consequences which will only add to your stress and difficulties in life.

Interrupt the cycle by considering psychotherapy for stress reduction. It’s truly a gift to yourself to learn skills which can ultimately make life easier.

Stress and Anger Management Tips

Here are some ways to immediately begin to reduce stress in your life:

  • Keep a journal. Note the connection between events in your life and your experience of stress. Become aware any patterns that emerge.
  • Take a few minutes each day to check in with yourself, get centered and grounded. Slow down and experience deep, abdominal breathing.
  • Learn to consciously prioritize the demands in your life so that you can respond more appropriately
  • Identify small ways to positively impact your overall stress level. For example, go over your schedule for the next day and prepare what you can in advance instead of letting yourself procrastinate until the last minute.
  • Create regular room for downtime in your life. Avoid over-committing your time and energies.
  • Does it stress you out to hear all of the bad news in the media? Cut it out! Regular exposure to things you cannot control can increase feelings of helplessness.
  • Pay attention to your physical health. Have a balance of rest and exercise. Eat healthy, and drink plenty of water each day.
Sacramento Therapist - Kathleen Oravec, LMFT - Stress & Anger Management

Counseling for Anger and Stress Reduction

Are you suffering from angry, escalating outbursts,  and/or “chronic stress overload”? If so, you may benefit from stress and anger management counseling.  The goal is to decrease anger relating to the effects of stress in your life.    We’ll begin by identifying the origins of the stress and by looking at your reactions.   Next, we’ll develop strategies for helping you regulate your emotions so you can express them in healthy manner and not  push the people in your life  away.

We’ll also look at ways to cope with the stressful realities in life which cannot be changed.


Your Next Step

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