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Sacramento Therapist - Kathleen Oravec, LMFT - Couples & Marriage Counseling

Are you experiencing:

  • marriage problems
  • conflict with your spouse or partner
  • thoughts of separation or divorce
  • in-law trouble
  • communication problems
  • unproductive fighting, bickering and criticism
  • unmet needs

Are you searching for:

  • marriage counseling
  • couples counseling
  • marital therapy
  • relationship advice
  • help with marriage problems
  • insight and understanding
  • improvement in the quality of your relationship
  • help getting your ideas and feelings across to your partner

There is hope for relationships in trouble, contact Kathleen Oravec, the licensed marriage counselor in Sacramento.

Relationships hold the potential for our greatest joys and our greatest challenges. Meeting the challenges usually involves a willingness and commitment to growth. The work couples do with me to repair the problems in their relationships and to grow in intimacy is an investment with the potential for many benefits.

Sacramento Marriage Counseling

Q & A

Q: I want to come to counseling but my partner doesn’t. Can you still help?

A: Yes. We can discuss ways in which you might convince your partner to come with you to counseling. But if he or she refuses and you come alone and are committed to making positive changes in yourself, those changes will impact the entire relationship and family — like a ripple effect.


Q: I just learned that my spouse has had an affair. Is there anything that can be done to salvage our relationship?

A: Absolutely – If both people want the same thing. We will work to re-establish trust and accountability, to heal the wounds that have been inflicted, and to evaluate and resolve any issues that may have contributed to the rift in the relationship.

If one member of the couple is waffling about their readiness to try again it may be best for each person to seek individual therapy for a time until there is a joint goal and consensus about proceeding to work on the relationship. Sometimes this comes out during the assessment process.


Q: How long will marriage counseling take?

A: When a couple adopts the attitude that they will do whatever it takes to work through their issues , they tend to make progress quickly. I ask couples to see me weekly for at least three weeks.  . After that, we can re-evaluate and agree on a plan for further services.  Often, people get what they need in a much shorter time than they first anticipated.  In any case I will remain a resource for you and you can reach out at any time for continued support. 


Q: What if the relationship can’t be saved?

A: In situations where it’s clear that the relationship is not working for either person it is my goal to help both people move forward in wholeness. Sometimes this means supporting one or both parties through a grieving process for the relationship.


Q: How much does couples counseling cost?

A: Check the Frequently Asked Questions page for  information about my fees, and learn about my discounted 4-session assessment package.


Q: We both have busy schedules and need an evening appointment. How late do you offer sessions?

A: I offer flexible appointments on Wednesday, Thursday Friday, Saturday and Sunday from noon until 8pm.  I am often able to accommodate you outside of my normal business hours.


Q: I’m single and wondering about online dating sites. Do you have any services for me?

A: Yes, I help individuals who are using online dating services (,, Plenty of Fish, Tinder.. etc.) to find a satisfying relationship. Call for more information for marriage counseling Sacramento services.


The Next Step for Couples

I would be pleased to have the opportunity to work with the two of you to strengthen your relationship. Give me a call at (916) 912-4777 for a free, 15-minute telephone consultation to discover how my Sacramento marriage counseling and relationship services can help. There’s no obligation whatsoever.