• Are you and your teen having troubles?
  • Do you feel like you’ve lost the connection you used to have?
  • Are you fighting about whether your teen has an “attitude”?
  • Are you worried about your adolescent, but feel like he or she won’t let you in?


You are facing one of the hardest times for parents and adolescents alike. Parents don’t hound their teens because it is fun, instead parents often are angry, hurt, sad, impatient or afraid for their teens. Likewise teens aren’t acting as they do without reason. The are filled with enormous physical and psychological changes. While teenagers’ brains are fully developed in many ways, some of the behavior you see is the result of brain that aren’t fully developed until the teen is in his/her mid-twenties.

Having this information may bring some intellectual comfort, but how do you cope with the day to day challenges and uncertainties involved in parenting your teen? How can you know what boundaries and limits are appropriate? Where can you find the strength to persevere, especially if you are a single parent or otherwise lack support in the parenting role?

Through the process of talking things over in therapy you can get the perspective needed to make sound parenting decisions with the intention, wisdom and care needed to support the greatest health in both you and your child.

Together we can discuss your concerns about your teen, including:

  • Peer pressure
  • Performance in school
  • Substance abuse
  • Behavioral issues
  • Values development
  • College choices and acceptance
  • Attitude
  • Media use

If all goes well, as your adolescent matures, they will be experiencing a greater emotional separation as they grow into their own identity. You may find that this normal process creates intense anxiety for you as a parent. Sometimes one’s own separation and individuation and even abandonment issues from the past can get activated. It can be especially helpful to explore these issues in the context of supportive therapy.

Has your sweet child turned into a sour, sullen teenager who you don’t recognize? Do you feel like running away from your own home? There is support and help! Please join a newly forming support group for mothers in mid-town Sacramento to discuss issues such as rules, screen time, friendships, dating, homework, and other concerns. there will be time for sharing experiences and receiving feedback. Cost is $20.00 per session, in a series of 5 sessions and can be continued. Call 916-714-0750 or e-mail me  for more information.

Getting Started

Sacramento Parenting Teens

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