Adolescent Therapy

Sacramento Therapist - Kathleen Oravec, LMFT - Adolescent Counseling

Our children are precious to us. We worry when they are having difficulties at home or at school. They may be impacted by a move, a divorce or a learning disability.

Some adolescents have difficulties controlling their emotions, while others shut down, withdraw, and isolate. Their behavior can affect the entire family. Therapy can help adolescents and their family members learn to live together in a supportive environment, without constant worry and stress! I have extensive training with adolescents, and I integrate these insights and experiences into my work. Adolescents who are struggling, often have difficulty expressing their thoughts and feelings. They also can be dealing with self esteem issues, depression, impulsivity, and experimenting with risky behaviors.. Social media use and video game playing can also be a concern. I can help them learn to better understand themselves as they progress through this phase of their life. I am a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist and I am also a mother. I can help you and your family successfully manage your adolescent’s needs. Schedule a free consultation today (916) 912-4777