Experiencing the death of a pet can be painful and devastating.


Our pets are often our most vulnerable family members, relying on us completely for their care. This includes end-of-life care, which may involve making very difficult decisions about treatment and finally letting go.

This adds complexity to grief because we may struggle with questions surrounding the decision to stop treatment and euthanize: Did I do enough? When is it time to let go? Are you struggling with guilt?

Grief comes in waves. Initially the waves may be intense and relentless, pummeling us to the ground. We may feel that we will never breath (or stop crying) again. But with time and some work, the waves gradually recede, allowing us to stand and take tentative strides toward a “new normal.” Still, the waves will come and go, often crashing near a special day or at a moment when our dear fur-family member comes to mind.

I understand the loss of an animal who shared our lives, and saw us through joy and turmoil. They were alway there for us unconditionally. The bond and love is a forever connection and the sense of deep loss is profound.

Please contact me for a consultation. I look forward to hearing from you to help you through this difficult time.