Adolescent Therapy

Adolescent Counseling Services

Our children are precious to us. We worry when they are having difficulties at home or at school. They may be impacted by a move, a divorce or a learning disability. Some adolescents have difficulties controlling their emotions while others shut down and withdraw. Their behavior can affect the entire family. Therapy can help adolescents and their family members learn to manage their emotional needs. Kathleen has extensive training in adolescent counseling therapy and integrates these skills in her work. Adolescents who are struggling emotionally often do not have the verbal language to be able to express their thoughts and feelings. She can help them work through their problems and find a successful solution. Kathleen, a Licensed family & marriage therapist in Sacramento and a mother, can help you and your family successfully manage your adolescent’s needs. She provides the adolescent counseling services within Sacramento for your family needs. Schedule a free initial session today (916) 912-4777